Movie Review: Avatar

There are simply some movies that should be seen on a big screen. Then there are a few films that must be seen on IMAX. I mean is there a single Woody Allen movie that doesn't play just fine at 31 inches diagonally? But Avatar is at the other end of the spectrum, so the consensus review from down here in Austin is:

-we are glad we saw it;
-very happy we stood in the sold out line at the IMAX;
-agree that the special effects and cgi were at the current limits of movie-making production;
-story? Oh right. Redemption plot #6, good vs. evil version #4, and man versus nature #2;
-it would have made a much better two hour movie;

Then there is the matter of direct rip-offs of other movies:
-Alien, of course; but didn't Sigourney look good in blue-green!
-Dances With Wolves; only the really anthropologically corny parts.
-The Mission; the entire story is there and told with a much less heavy hand;
-32 animated dragon fantasy films, none of us have seen.
-Gorillas in the Mist or did you miss the shots of her with the little blue kids.
-Lord of the Rings, if only for how to put tens of thousands too many bullets, arrows, spears and explosions in an otherwise entertaining movie.
-Emerald Forest, well because they did it first.

The floating mountains reminded me of several Yes albums and the glowing forests, that's what windowpane is for.

Here's hoping James Cameron sticks to one movie every decade, in the meantime he can learn the meaning of the word - edit. However, and this is a big however, I am sure the concept of 3-D films in the future will owe a lot of thanks to what Cameron did with Avatar.