Pondering the Open Road

I knew when I went undomiciled earlier this year that I would be opening up my geographical plans to whims, chance and necessity. So while I am not surprised that I made a last minute alteration to my eastward travel plans, I am a bit annoyed with myself. I was going to head to the great white north via I-90 but for several reasons I am traveling the middle path on I-80. Unfortunately, I have done this drive several times in the past and was really looking forward to the new country up in North Dakota and Minnesota. But the best laid plans of mice and shrinks, I guess.

I really tried the "looking with fresh eyes" mindset today, but basically it was the same trip on the same highway, even though the Rockies are always impressive. So instead, I focused on a couple of scenes from the screenplay and have lots of digital notes to piece together.

I haven't checked the weather channel yet but maybe I am lucky being a bit further south because I have been through some snow and the remains of what appears to have been a semi-significant storm in Utah and Wyoming the last several nights. Don't know how much white stuff there was further north. Here I was ready to enjoy the falls colors of October, which may turn out to be white and off-white. Hopefully Indiana and Michigan will serve up some Oak yellows and Maple reds before the L.L. Bean has to come out.

For all of my former buddies in the poker world, I did stretch the drive yesterday to make it to the West Wendover and spent five or six hours playing in the Rainbow poker room last night. I will post an updated review over on The Poker Atlas. Let's just say the accommodations, the dinner, the fill-up and the cocktails all flowed from the generosity my table mates.

Tomorrow: Wyoming, more Wyoming and a bit of Nebraska. Wednesday: Nebraska, more Nebraska and a hunk of Iowa. Silos and Corn Oh My!
photo credit: archives