Kalamazoo, Kazoo, Kazoo

Although it shocks my avid followers when I say it.... I am heading to my 40th college reunion this weekend. It appears it will be a damp and chilly weekend so I think the interior activities will draw us more than the football game. A small if incomplete complement of old friends will be showing up. We have mostly managed to make the rendezvous every five years but will miss the few who have other commitments this weekend (the Band took one and Obama got the other).

I am sure reading about someone else's reunion is almost as tedious as attending one with a spouse or partner. You know no one, you miss all the inside jokes and you realize your favorite bed buddy was young and immature sometime in the distant past. So this will be the first and last mention of the happenings from this weekend.

For those who are alums but won't be making the trek to Kalamazoo, here is a musical reminder of those long ago days. Turn up the volume.