Whether Fall Weather

No time for a summer friend

No time for the love you send
Seasons change and so do I
You need not wonder why
. . . Guess Who

Seasons change at different times for all of us. Geography makes
a difference, other times it's our own internal clock. Here in north
central California where I have been hanging out we have been
hitting 90 degrees nearly every day and even though it cools off
into the 40s at night, it still has not felt like fall, no matter what
the calendar or equinox says. Today as promised we just reached
80 and tomorrow the prediction is for a high of barely 60.
Overnight Tuesday could even bring the first frost. The slightly
higher elevations on Mt. Shasta will definitely be freezing as
soon as tonight.

Fall has locally arrived. I checked the national weather for my
northern route across the U.S. and found this headline: "Fall
Blows In Nationwide." It appears to be getting very close to
my time to wander on. Distant roads are calling me.

Interesting today has also been windy. I didn't have to close the
house up against the heat, so the wind snapping through the high
pines has been a foregrounded presence all day. It's just warm
enough today to put some electricity in the air. A good day for
domestic disputes and the ruby throated avians have been
chasing each other away from the feeder most of the afternoon.

I was having some problems with my writing, so a took a walk
and got in touch with the changing atmosphere. Its unsettled, a
bit hyper and twitchy jumpy. So when I got back I shifted to
working on several of the meth scenes in the Check Raising the
Devil screenplay. Gotta go with what the elementals give you.
Amy will probably have to round off some of the barbs in what
I create today, but she has lots of experience leveling out my
writing. You should have read the sex scenes from the book
before she got to them!

An edgy, high-strung, restless day calls for a long, slow, mellow
evening, I have the perfect plan. Therewill be a hot tub, perhaps
a cocktail and even some natural enhancements.

A solitary salute to autumn.