When in Weed

Today my stop here in Weed technically becomes the second longest stay on my meandering caravan. In January of this year I gave up the last vestiges of a domicile when I moved from the Vegas condo to my friend's cottage in Sebastopol. I was there for over three months while she was off chasing high desert gnomes in the Southwest. I guess actually the next major stopping point was longer than here in Weed, but I paid for my seven weeks at the Extended Stay in Las Vegas to cover the World Series, so I am not counting that as part of my moochers road trip. I will devulge that my current book project begins with a scene on my last day at the Extended Stay Hotel and the story probably will end at the finale of this trip. Unless, of course, I go down one of these rabbit holes that keep appearing in my peripheral visions.

Meanwhile back in Weed: Fall arrived in a rush of wind yesterday. The temperature dropped the pine needles rained down and hopes for some fall color on the next leg of my next journey increased. Also with the advent of cooler weather there is the hope that the hummingbird swarm will appear before I leave Weed. The feeder right outside the window where I write is visited all day long by the local hummers. But once fall is clearly here, there is often a day or two of intense feeding to prep the little birds for their long flight south. In past years the swarm as seen a dozen or more buzzing hummers queuing up for a nectar blast. I promise a picture if the hummers grace us with a fall feeding frenzy.

The indoor creatures seem calm today. Over the last week we have been trying to integrate a new dog with an older and very territorial cat. The relationship gets fractured about once a day with a loud yelp, a running dog, and a too satisfied look on the cat's face. But peace shall reign eventually, there was been a dog in Midnight's life in the past without daily incidents; this is a just a period of territorial statements being made and the cat wants to be clearly understood before agreeing to any truce terms.
photo credit: epodunk.com