Power of the Boob Tube

Poker Disclaimer Addendum: I have offered several times to depokerize this blog. Well I guess I have to realize and admit that after five years of poker coverage in many forms there is going to be more residual content then I had anticipated. But I promise only appropriate historical references, no original content poker posts. I promise! Now has anyone got a cigarette? or a drink? crack? smack? pringles?

Meanwhile, last night ESPN showed Day 1B of the World Series of Poker main event from this year. Significantly Mike played at the feature table. In fact, never has an episode of a day one been so devoted to a single player. More importantly from my point of view was the coverage they gave to our book! Not only did Norman Chad mention the book and give a terse but favorable review, they then showed a shot of the cover.  Later in the coverage, I took Mike a stack of books and they showed him signing them for his feature tablemates. Great promotion.

Our Amazon bestseller average went from 13,000+ last night to 1,300 this morning. The power of television. And don't forget the tivo's, dvr's, and endless espn reruns still to be viewed.