All Those Years Ago

The "9" summers are always full of memories. This year it is 40 years since the moon landing, Woodstock and the Manson murders. I was thinking since blogs are so personal, perhaps a trip back in time would be a good disclosure exercise for bloggers. Sorta like a chronological 'things about me'. 

The question is: Who, What, When, Where and Why was I (x) years ago?

1969 - forty years ago, I was finishing my final class at Kalamazoo College in the summer; we met once a week in a bar.

1979 - thirty years ago, I was teaching real estate in Los Angeles, just a few months from opening a business that would change my life.

1999 - just a decade ago, finishing my Ph.D. dissertation and planning a move back to Michigan.

1949 - yep sixty years ago, my family moved from Detroit to a rural village 50 miles west. My mother always said that she thought they had moved to the end of the earth.

1964 - the beginning of my senior year in high school, when just about everything seemed possible.

1984 - the Summer Olympics in L.A. an interesting time, the freeways were as empty as they have ever been, everyone thought it would be gridlock, so no one but the Olympics fans came to town that summer.

2000 - my first summer back in the midwest after 25 years in California; idyllic.

1961 - worked in the family pharmacy for the first time; best career training I ever had.

1971 - lived for a year in Boston; I regret that it wasn't much longer.

1975 - moved from Michigan to California.

1991 - moved from L.A. to S.F.

2010 - well that is an excellent question.