Around the Town

[Content Disclosure: 50% Poker, 50% other]

Well I am fairly settled in for the extended stay in Las Vegas. I am actually within walking distance of the Rio and the Series but no one walks in the summer in Las Vegas. No 100 degree days yet, but they are acomin'. Got some poker under my belt and I am busy lining up my WSOP special assignment (announcement coming soon). Popped into a bookstore or two to actually see the book on the shelf and have been catching up with olde friends who have yet to abandon the foreclosure capital of the West.

I was at the Venetian last night for the end of the Laker-Nugget game three, I had forgotten how much Las Vegas becomes little L.A. on the weekends. Of course, nearly every sports book in town is located close to the poker room, they like the poker players drifting over for some sports betting action. But last night it was mostly drunken L.A. fans whooping it up.

I also caught up with Mike yesterday. We reviewed our varied views on the sales of the book so far. Mike, of course, knew it would do well. We also bumped around some promotional ideas and got ready for another week of PR interviews. On the southern coast, I see co-author #1 has been venting about the borrower-debt ratio in the poker world. Leave it to Amy to authoritatively address the meaning of deficit financing in poker without using the word degenerate.

Hope everyone is having a memorable holiday weekend, don't forget to take a moment or two to remember those who we are thanking over parades, hot dogs and beer.


Poker rooms I have played this summer:

M Resort -- NLHE (+)
Venetian -- Omaha8 (+)
SouthPoint -- Limit HE (-)
M Resort -- Limit HE (+)