Random Pokerish Thoughts

[Content Disclosure: 45% Poker sorta; 32% Wisdom or a reasonable facsimile; 9% Other, but I give good other]

"God does not play dice with the universe; however, she is not above a good check raise when you least expect it." -- Me

For my non-poker versed readers, a check raise is a move where you pass or check your opportunity to bet your hand and then when your opponent bets, you raise their bet with an even bigger bet. It is the poker equivalent of saying: "I gotcha!" And more than that, it is saying: "I gotcha and you had no clue it was coming." Now, of course, your opponent might just fire another even bigger bet right back at you but you get the idea.

I am not a big fan of the "Poker is like Life" books and articles. I also don't forward emails on why Men are Like Cars or Women are Like Wine. These are called analogies or metaphors and generally are too general to carry any more wisdom than a dribble glass. So, periodically you will find me ranting about such poker comparisons.

"Life is not like Texas Hold’em; Wall Street is not a game of five card stud and international politics is not the best place to practice your poker face." --Myself

Check Raising the Devil is a brilliant title for a book but in the eventuality you actually encounter Satan in your local card room, I suggest you fold and request a table change.

However for my true poker buddies, especially those in the poker media:

"Life is not like Badugi, Life is like Crazy Pineapple played with a joker, a live straddle and a full kill." --I

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