Purposeful Meandering

[Content Disclosure: more of that "What comes next?" stuff.]

Sweeping cobwebs from the edges of my mind
Had to get away to see what we could find

Hope the days that lie ahead

Bring us back to where they've led

Listen up to what's been said to you

I have been thinking a bit about new paths and how a new direction also means you must leave others behind. So many choices and so few feet to place on the path, which reminded me of something my Aunt Alice used to say when we would be driving around in Detroit. "Just because you want to go around the block; doesn't mean the block goes around." You never get back to where you started, you never can put your foot back in the stream at the same place. Times passes, things change but what you can do is pay attention to what is flickering just on the edges of your mind, your heart or your soul.

Since putting my last project to bed, I have been mulling about with what comes next. Spent a fair amount of time yesterday researching collaborative writing and another intriguing topic that I won't leak quite yet, don't want someone getting a book proposal out before me. But clearly tis the season.

It really is not so much the road less traveled that interests me these days but more the road I have not traveled or maybe those I have and don't care to get caught in a cul-de-sac again. Maybe I should have used The Who here but one oldies reference per post seemed a parsimonious precedent.

Listen up to what's been said.

Would you know we're riding on the Marrakesh Express
Would you know we're riding
on the Marrakesh Express
They're taking me to Marrakesh
All on board that train

Graham Nash