Run good challenge

[Content Disclosure: 114% Poker, 66% Poker Tournament, 49% Poker Blogs & Poker Bloggers]

One of the perks of writing about poker is that esteemed poker bloggers get invited to play in esteemed poker events. OK, so they don't ask us to play in the World Series of Poker but we get a media event there and this year there were nice cash prizes to donate to you favorite charity. Now, however, PokerListings is running an elite poker bloggers tournament, rightfully named: the Run good challenge.

This month long series of tournaments will be played out over four Saturdays with three preliminary events and a final table playoff. The game and structure will change week to week. The aforementioned elite list of esteemed bloggers will be:

Dr. Pauly
Michelle Lewis
Pokerati Dan
Kid Dynamite
Shortstacked Shamus
The Entities (A WickedChops conglomerate)
Poker Shrink (that would be me)
Lacey Jones (tentative)
Dan Skolovy (PokerListings ringer #1)
Matthew Showell (PokerListings ringer #2)

The PokerListings players are there for promotional purposes only, as they pose no actual threat to this elite lineup of esteemed poker bloggers. There are actually substantive cash prizes involved, so we may expect some semi-serious play from the one or two invitees capable of anything but donkey moves.

The whole spectacular kicks off on Poker Stars next Saturday, September 6th at 2 PM EDT. The multitude of rabid fans, avid readers and greedy family members are invited to stop by and harass the other players.