115 degrees

[Content Disclosure: 24% Poker; 37% Life; 45% Change; 3% Smother Brothers reference]

Its warm in Las Vegas, hmmmm... No! Its damn hot in Las Vegas and I am moving residences. Not the best timing but survivable. Bill and Kathy are finally actually retiring, well at least Bill is; so their retirement home where I have been living the past 20 months will soon be full. I have signed a seven month lease on a furnished condo a bit closer to the Las Vegas Strip. The Canal Walk house where I have been living is about 10 miles from the south end of the Strip here in Henderson, I am in the process of moving a couple of miles closer. For those who know the greater Las Vegas area, I am now on Silverado Ranch Blvd., which is the I-15 exit at South Point casino.

Fortunately, other than clothes and books, I don't own a lot anymore, so I just fill up the car each day when I go over to the condo to meet: the rental agent or the cable guy or the refrigerator repairman (My Old Man's a Refrigerator Repairman Whaddaya Think About That?) or the Maytag Repairman or ... well you get the idea. So by the time all the electronic gizmos work, I should be moved in and have strategically avoided heat stroke.

It really was 115 today, only 112 yesterday, and maybe 116 for the 4th of July, but of course its a dry heat.

Tomorrow is also Day 1A of the World Series of Poker Main Event, for the non-poker readers the Main Event has four Day Ones to accommodate all the players. So I will be at the Rio each of the next four days to catch up with some of the poker professionals I have missed over the last five weeks. There are a couple of writing projects I am working on and I need to have a bit of face-to-face time with some of the poker players I want to join me in those ventures.

That's it, stay cool and for those in the Midwest, stay dry!