Reflections Upon Being Unwell

[Content Disclosure: cough 20%, sore throat 18%, gooey eyes 13%, earache 11%, nasal involvement 9%, being tired all over 66.74%]

The good news is that I was just into getting acquainted with my new Nevada physician, so my follow-up visit to "check the blood work" arrived on the first day of my flu symptoms. Easy diagnosis, easier prescription: Go to Bed!

Now the flu and I have not been in the same corpus in many years, so my time may have been due. Anyways, Typhoid Jake, my previously mentioned nephew, right off of a week of semester exams and no sleep was in town with appropriate collegiate germs that any 19 year old can shake off in a week and most 60 year olds can only wait out.

Details are not necessary and begin to borderline impinge on my scatological revulsions. Let us leave it at: today is the 16th day of my flu symptoms and also the first day where I will be awake more hours than I am asleep. Sorta my personal homage to the sun breaking north of the equator.

I did miss my trip to San Franciso and the double sixieth birthday celebration. Sorry my Bay Area friends, you were all greatly missed. I have delayed my trip to Mt. Shasta twice but will be embarking in that northerly direction come Monday. From there I promise more nature filled pictures and fewer illness referenced ramblings.