[Content Disclosure: 110% Poker, 26% My Life, 39% Writing, 12% Multiple Personality Disorder]

A lot of my current writing is done over on PokerBlog. You might say that is my day job or at least my morning job. I try and write about a topic that is current in the big, wide world of poker. I also have a backlog of thought pieces and slightly different perspectives that look in at poker from a place removed by a step or two. Poker only seems a massive phenomenon from inside. The majority of the world has no idea that the game has boomed. Life really goes go on without poker; at times I try to make that a bit more clear to the poker addicts and afficionados of the world.

I should confess that I also get to play out some of my multi-personalities on Poker Blog. Most readers in the poker world know me as the Poker Shrink and the majority of my work on Poker Blog is done under that pseudonym. However, when I get annoyed at governmental intrusion or bureaucratic interference in the game, then I use the Cranky Olde Coot to vent and rant. Lenny is my sleazy testosterone driven persona and when I just need to dispense some tidbit of information or get in touch with my feminine side, I use Lindy the Librarian.

I shill a bit for Party Poker and Party Gaming on Poker Blog because they pick up the tab, but I must say they give me complete freedom to sink the hook wherever I feel it is needed. I write about 20 or so posts a month on Poker Blog, sometimes when the news bin gets full I write a bit more and when the noize is less, I can reach into my personal archives for some thoughts I have had back burnered for a time.

All in all, the writing is satisfying and provides an nice sense of daily completion that books or longer articles do not. I like putting another red notch on my white board for a uploaded Poker Blog entry. It happens a lot more often than chalking up a finished chapter or a published print article. Little pleasures.