What's Going On?

[Content Disclosure: Poker 3%, Speculation 88%, Tease 6%]

So what's going on with "Keeping Your Head in the Game"?

Well a couple of things. First, the poker: there really is no reason for me to have a separate poker-only blog when I am writing six days a week over on PokerBlog and writing my weekly column Poker Shrink on PokerNews. Plus all the other WSOP related articles I write for PokerNews. Lest we forget the World Series of Poker begins in five days and our prep meetings start tomorrow.

I mentioned in the past that I have wanted to write more about things not poker and although I have been doing that quite a bit this spring, only a few of those pieces have reached the light of day. So I am going to convert "Keeping Your Head in the Game" to a personal blog with very little poker content. Whether I will pull this off during the WSOP (May 30th-July 18th) or perhaps wait for the mid-summer lull----I am just not sure yet.

If you are in my email eddress book, I will let you know. For the cyber-wanderers who land here--come back soon..... the cards will be changing in most mysterious ways.