Melbourne Adieu and Hello Berlin

Could it really be the last day in Melbourne? Today is the Final Table of the Aussie Million Main Event and Dr. Pauly and I will be tag-teaming the coverage from the television set green room. Then the PokerNews team will split for places far and wide in Australia before we eventually all wander back to our various home bases. You have haven't checked out the new features on PokerNews, do that, in particular the great new "Hand in Depth" feature (that we will rename soon) and the PokerNews Team Tournament Coverage. There will be more news soon on future tournament coverage from Team PokerNews.

Before wandering off to Sydney, I must say Melbourne impressed me a lot! A perfect sized city with good mass transit, very friendly people (even the poker players) lots or art, culture, food, entertainment, food. A very cool Aquarium, a river running thru the heart of the city; lots of foot and bicycle traffic. I will be back for Aussie Milions 2008.

On the blog front, what with UIGEA and the US Federal Gambling Gestapo busting down door's of mildly related poker sites and owners. Joe McCarthy is smiling up from hell right now. Expect a lot more shocking revelations in the next 48 hours.